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Saturday, January 17, 2009

(Experimental) Synthesis of Behavior

I like psychology, among many other sciences. In college we study dozens of psychological theories, systems and applications (therapies).
I may have been a moment too soon ('cause I was low, ooh) when I decided to marry behaviorism (some behaviorists get upset if you call them so. If that's the case just call them "experimental behavior analysts," which is a much simpler name).
Some people like analyses, so they look for the "constitutive parts" of stuff (atoms (protons (quarks (flavors)))). Some people like syntheses, so they look for the "parts constitution" (a flavorous hamburger made of quarks).
I for so long have been a behavior "analyst" (don't call me behaviorist, I may get upset). I want to show some experimental attitude today, so I'll try to be synthetic.
Behavior can be either seen as single response units, each of which gets reinforced by environmental consequences; or as a whole bunch of movements (some call these "behavioral patterns") that happen because of the brain (which happens to be inside).
People that marry the brain don't like our environment so much; people that marry our environment don't like our brains so much. Our brains (for those who love the environment) can be shared and thus become external; our environment (for those who love the brain) can be "absorbed" and thus become internal.
Pretty insightful thoughts the ones I want to share today, huh?

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