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Monday, March 2, 2009

Empathy, antipathy, sympathy

It's all about feelings, isn't it? We as humans are attached to that thing we call soul (brain specialists call it brain, body specialists call it body, culture specialists call it culture, I would like to call it even).
Soul: the thing that our brains can't talk about (unless you're a brain specialist).
Brain: the thing that our souls use to express themselves through our bodies (within a specific culture, unless you're a brain specialist).
Have you ever, kindest reader, forgotten your cellphone in these new rushy days? I did today, my soul had this big fight with my body (which carries around my brain).
Not so long ago, cellphones didn't exist, so we had to face people in order to have feelings for their feelings. Not so long ago, when cellphones started being popular, we had to talk with people in order to have feelings. Not so long ago, people got tired of talking about feelings (fingers didn't): text messages were born.
Today it's just a matter of forgetting your cellphone, your soul will fight your body.
Empathy: feelings like my feelings you're having.
Antipathy: feelings against my feelings you're having.
Sympathy: feelings you're having (because of my words, not because of my feelings).
In a while, when we get tired of human feelings, we will start having feelings for our cellphones, no matter how far (telepathy), no matter how cold (apathy).

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