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Monday, March 16, 2009

Science and magic

Picture this: there's a dynamic environment with two people in it. Something happens in this environment. The two people in it can either talk about what just happened or remain silent and withhold their thoughts, no matter how similar or different they are.
Science and magic are not people, but they happen in the same dynamic environment; they both talk about what happens in that environment and they both withhold some secrets. Magic withholds the secrets that can only be known by magicians, science withholds truths only scientists know that will never be known.
Magic is about secrets, science is about truths. Magic develops using multiple methods, science does too (but that's a secret, at least for some natural scientists). Is there a single truth? Can a truth be developed? Can a human activity talk about truths?
What's a secret? Something known that is not to be known (which arises people's curiosity). What's a truth? Something unknown that is not to be unknown (with which a lot of people agree).
Science is like people who can't withhold their thoughts, magic is a withheld thought that leads to speechless action. Truth be said, it's not about the secret underlying the world's greatest magic trick, it's all about the performance.
Now let me tell you this secret: It's not about the truth underlying scientific discovery, it's all about the magic underlying the phenomena.

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