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Sunday, June 21, 2009

The shrimp bucket

I once saw a lot of shrimps swimming inside a big, artificial pond. Their destiny was to reproduce and, once their sexual peak were over, get eaten by humans. Of course they didn't know they were born inside a big, artificial pond. Of course they didn't know their destiny was to reproduce. Of course they didn't know that, once their sexual peak were over, they would get eaten by humans. Moreover, as far as science is concerned, shrimps don't know shit; they don't even know they're shrimps; they don't know where they come from and where they go. They're just shrimps; they just swim, reproduce, and get eaten, but they don't ever wonder about anything.
Only humans wonder, only humans have consciousness, and only humans are aware of the fatal destiny of shrimps. Popular science is that basic; it tells us what to believe and why to believe it, it tells us even further that people who don't care much about science are ignorant. But even the most ignorant fellows have more whys than science's becauses. That's what makes science an infinite activity: every because gives birth to lots of new whys; that's what makes them ignorant: only scientists are allowed to question science within its knowledge boundaries; that's what makes shrimps so stupid (and delicious): science is a human activity. (Have you, reader, ever realized that the more human-like behaviors an animal can do, the more "intelligent" it is?)
Are shrimps aware of humanity? Science would say "no—and stop asking metaphysical questions, please." We could have been born inside a big, artificial pond, just like shrimps. Our destiny could be to reproduce and, once our peak was over, get eaten by eternity. But we don't know eternity, just like shrimps don't know humanity.
Is there something else out there we'll never be aware of? I really don't know, as I already spent science's last metaphysical answer. The good (or bad) thing is that even if the "reality" we live in is artificial, from the point we're standing, we wouldn't be able to tell the difference between this and the natural one. We're just like shrimps—only less stupid.

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