It's not about the complexity of the shadows, it's all about the simplicity of the message.
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Wandering through the darkest night, knowing there's nothing left to do. It's impossible to see anything, but we all know there's something terrible and frightening—at least we can imagine so. It will come to an end, it always does; the sun always rises, even in the darkest nights, but the idea of a rising sun alone doesn't help much in a frightening, irrational night.
If you've ever been afraid, it is because of a monster; the world is full of them. Some of them are imaginary and some others are real, some of them small, some others big. What makes monsters frightful creatures is mainly the idea of the harm they can inflict on us. When uncertainty asks us gently to remain fixed, there's a monster waiting to see if we dare to move.
Every time someone tries to enter to any unknown field, she should know she'll face a monster. It is possible to flee or to face the monster—he won't move either way. Even so, there's a small chance to become the monster's friend, to get to know him, and to realize that, no matter how frightening his intentions or his appearance might be, monsters are reasonable creatures, as they're always human creations.
The biggest monster in this world is this world itself. If you ever face it, do whatever you feel like, it will probably eat you alive, anyway. What do people do once they're inside? Most become monsters.

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  1. Está increíble, Effing. Me sentí muy identificada.
    Me quedo con la frase "Every time someone tries to enter to any unknown field, she should know she'll face a monster". Gracias.