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Friday, June 26, 2009

The world sketch

If we were born captive we wouldn't know what's freedom, but we wouldn't know what's captivity either. Then someone or something—whether purposively or by chance—opens the door. We find someone doing something we can't; we see something we don't have; we find ourselves in an unknown place doing things we didn't know we could do. If you, reader, were allowed to take a slight glimpse to a world unseen, would you feel free, or captive?
When things start happening for a long time, repeating over and over again, they tend to form a symmetrical pattern. It is just when the ordered balance breaks that awareness occurs.
The way I see it, it is all about interpretations and perspectives. Everybody in this world has a particular perspective, a mental world sketch, so to call it. There are several ways of giving life—which makes this world, as we know it, a possible place, and not the other way round—a meaning. Some try to understand the world, some others just invent it, but it all comes down to entertainment, to the transient suspension that lets us think outside our heads and breathe happily.
I always come up with this entertaining question when I'm trying to invent my world: do we really need to understand it? Everybody does, but no one does; we can only interpret it as it comes, adding or removing factors to the equation given to us through our senses. The truth is that, after all, whether through a scientific or through an artistic outlook, the world can only be sketched.

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