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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Low profile

It is necessary to know what it means to be high in order to understand what it means to be low. Life, I feel, is full of polarity. Life is polar by definition, as it always ends with dead.
People are people, people say, and they do people stuff. Individuals are individuals, I like to say. What makes individuals different from one another are their profiles. Profiles are interpretations about individuals' characteristics with which people (made of individuals) agree. What about social profiles? Social profiles are interpretations about bunches of people with which some individuals agree.
Every profile must be social, but also individual. High profiles are located in places where a lot of people can see them, they are located high in society. Low profiles are not so easy to find, as they are hidden in places where not so many individuals can access; they are located low, where society stops calling itself so.
Life is polar: life is social and life is individual. A lot of individuals make up a society, a single society makes up a lot of individuals.
Though not so easy to find, low profiles are still localizable. Though so easy to find, high profiles are hard to reach, specially for low profiles. Though not so easy to define, a (high or low) "profile" is the label society uses to describe admirable individuals.

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