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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy genius

Her better days were over long ago, still I remember them as if they were yesterday. She was not a creative monster, neither did she ever know how to solve a math puzzle, recite a poem from memory, stand out in any particular science, or play any musical instrument. All the same, she was the happiest person I have ever seen.
I cannot recall her ever telling her name. She was not particularly interested in social life, but she sure did enjoy sharing her happiness. "Get yourself together," she once told me. "Even if this world sometimes seems like a terrible place to live in, it's the only place where you can actually live." Certainly she did not know about oxygen or the other galaxies in the universe, but she had made a valid point. She always made valid points, she always smiled, and she always made people smile. She was a freaking genius.
Some people can make you smile for a moment. Some people are able to give you a good lasting laugh. Some people can even get you to keep on thinking about life and its beauty for days. There are only few whose touch can be said to be permanent. Her touch was everlasting.
Beliefs have to do more with emotions than with rational thoughts. Her emotions had the power to change people's mind. For her, it had to do more with changing people's emotions than with creativity. She had an inborn ability to be happy and to make people believe in happiness.
Geniuses are outstanding individuals who can make people believe. Geniuses give the world all they can without even intending to. Some of they last, some of they do not. When I saw her for the last time, I knew her better days were over. She used to be happy, but it was now my duty to spread the smile she once bestowed upon me.
I met a genius once. If you ever get to know one, don't call her genius, just let yourself smile.

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