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Friday, August 21, 2009

Fallen hero

Social problems are soluble among people: the more people around a common problem, the less responsibility each one has to take. There where a social problem can be found, only a hero can undo the dissolution and manage the resulting concentrate.
Some people like heroes because they free them from being responsible. Heroes can handle all the responsibility, heroes let people fail, heroes' true heroism is the psychological relief they bestow on people's incongruity.
It wouldn't be easy when he touched the ground. He wouldn't brake anything more than all his followers' dreams and hopes. His were already broken.
It wasn't easy to be a hero, he knew. All that responsibility, all the compromises, all the pressure. One single mistake and everybody would forget all his achievements, he knew. But he wasn't born with the need to achieve, he wasn't even the one to realize what he was capable of. It was they who made him believe that he could make them believe. He just wanted to forget about himself, he couldn't believe in them anymore. One single flaw, that's all it takes for a hero to fall.
A mistake, a voluntary flaw followed by a thousand more. He did it on purpose, that's what made it all worse. A hero can only stand up once he knows how the floor tastes. He wanted to taste the floor, he wanted to fall, he wanted to be more like them, but he had no hero to handle his own broken congruity.
He fell. He wasn't supposed to, but he did. Only a few would, long after the tragedy happened, keep his glorious times on their memories; most would forget him quickly, and some would hate him forever. That's what heroes are for, because some people feel relieved when they have someone to hate, when they have someone to forget, or when they have someone's glorious times to keep in their memories.
He wondered whether the future was an invention or a traced path. It didn't matter. He would wait for the appropriate time to raise, if that path was to be walked, if that future was to be invented. The only way to raise, he knew, was to fall, so he did.

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