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Monday, August 31, 2009

It ends tonight

"It ends tonight," said Neo with confidence. It did end, because it was up to him. When reaching a finish line depends solely on you, you can say with confidence "it ends tonight," even as a metaphor, if you will.
It's easy to say it, but even when the end and the night and you come closer, there's still a decision to be made, there's still an end to be determined. Not everybody is capable of setting a realistic goal.
When reaching a finish line depends not solely on you, you can ask the world if it will really end tonight: the world will probably say "no." Give it a second thought, why should you ask the world about the realness of your goals? Why should anyone determine your ends? Why shouldn't it end tonight, a rainy night, if you have the strength?
It will end tonight, as I say it, as you read it, because of the confidence caused by the things we can start when we learn how to finish.

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