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Friday, July 31, 2009

Dream of success

There's a misunderstood idea related with the value of people, money, and success. No matter where, how, or why someone is born, each individual arrives to this planet with an inherent value as a human being. That value, if it were necessary to put a number on it, is worth one for everyone, for as long as they live. It is people's opinion turned into judgments what gives the illusion that some are worth more or less than others.
When money was first invented, its main purpose was to facilitate the exchange of some basic goods, and to represent, in a symbolic fashion, how much material things were worth.
One of the main purposes of labeling nature with numbers was to permit its accurate measurement (nothing else than a comparison between things that have been given arbitrary units). As the reflection of the human urge to put numbers on things, today money has become an illusory measurement of success, for it is possible to compare how much people are worth based on how much they have.
Success is all about having big dreams, setting high goals, and having the strength to pursue both. It is true that there are some social conceptions of success, but the fact that we are social animals and, as such, behave according to social standards, doesn't mean that our individuality should merge fully with our society. It is fundamental, in the first place, to learn how to coexist with oneself. In the end, we are the only individual with whom we spend our entire life. Success, then, can neither be measured nor change how much someone is worth; it is a subjective experience. That's why, once achieved, success never becomes void, since most of what we are and what we do is just as piece of time stored in a memory.
Successful people are successful not only because they know how to dream or because they achieve big self-set goals, but also because they know how and where to stop. Big dreams can suffice if we are strong enough to keep on dreaming even if a particular dream is never achieved; to keep on awaking without letting frustration ruin the bigger picture; to keep on with life as if it were just a dream—a random, entertaining dream of success.

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